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Why Wear A Wristwatch?

Why Wear A Wristwatch?

  • Ashley .


Why Wear A Wristwatch?

Every time I step out of my house or office, people tend to ask me several questions which although may sound stupid at times but it leaves me pondering on them the whole day. Most times, the questions are usually from a young man who is seeking to invest in a watch or from a friend or an acquaintance who is indirectly calling me heartless for spending a thousand dollars on a watch instead of sending the money to charity. When I started getting 'watch-addicted,' I had to ask myself this question, why wear a watch? The first answer that came to my mind was actually, to tell the time. 




This answer didn't really satisfy my curiosity because I began to wonder why would anybody be so willing to pay a million dollar for 7 Hublot Black Caviar Bang if all it does is to tell the time. This made me begin to study, and I discovered the reason why we wear a wristwatch and why people are happy to pay thousands of dollars for a watch. "A watch does a lot more than tell the time, it shows the world who you aspire to be. You can't bring your car to the boardroom or your mansion on the golf course, but you will wear your timepiece all the time". This quote by Paul Newman on why we wear wristwatch opened my eyes and minds to the beauty and real purpose of why we wear a wristwatch.

A lot of people are of the opinion that wearing of watches is outdated due to the advent of Smartphones but if you study happening around the world, you will notice that great men in time past wore watches and also great men still wear a watch today. Some of the reasons why I wear a watch and why other wristwatch lovers still rock their beautiful watches is the fact that wristwatches give an insight or more an extension of your personality and style choices. Wearing a watch is one way of telling people about yourself without even saying a word. Dressed in a Gucci G-Frame" Stainless Steel Diamond-Accented Women Watch as a woman tells people you are trendy and also boost your personality and societal status.

 Wristwatches are a long term investment and easily blends with different outfits. Being able to match wristwatches with appropriate outfits is a great achievement. This is easy because there is a watch out there that suits all personality and also outfits. From casual wristwatch down to formal outfits, there is a watch available to match your look. Nobody buys a wristwatch to wear just one day and dump the next day even if it is sold for $5. People tend to buy wristwatches that they plan on wearing for a long time.

 It is quite arrogant to pull out your Smartphone in the middle of a business deal, date or even at an interview when trying to check the time. For me personally, it portrays the person as being unorganized. Wristwatches make it super easy to check the time on the sly.

Wristwatches will always be a great accessory for men and women irrespective of the type, price, and style or even the purpose they might be buying it for. The key to buying a great wrist watches is buying a watch that suits your style and also budget. When it comes to buying quality and affordable wrist watches for both men and women, Realforless is a fashion website that offers the best at a low price. You can get quality wrist watches for as low as $30.



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