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Matching your watch with your outfit.

Matching your watch with your outfit.

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Matching your wristwatch with your outfit can be somewhat easy when you understand the secret behind it, but when you do not have an understanding of it, it becomes and herculean task. Matching a wristwatch with an outfit is one aspect many people tend to get a big FAIL. Selecting a watch can be difficult since they tend to come in a variety of shapes, styles, and purposes. While some people may be of the opinion that wristwatches serve just one purpose which according to them is telling the time. The truth of the matter is that wristwatches function more than just telling the time. They are an eye into the style and personality of the person wearing it. Matching a wrong type of watch with an outfit is like wearing a hooded sweatshirt as a mid layer under your suit. It will definitely be a big FAIL. So how can a novice understand the secret behind matching a wristwatch with their outfit?

In matching your wristwatch with your outfit, there is three basic aspects to take into consideration. They are the purpose, design, and the style.

  • Categorise your Outfit

Before trying to match your wristwatch with your outfit, try and categorise your outfit into sections such as casual, formal, sporty, and dressy casual. This allows you to be able to match the appropriate watch that leans towards your outfit.


  • Study the Watch Dial

The dial of a wristwatch is quite important when trying to match your watch with your outfit. According to studies and fashion experts, wristwatch dials which are sticko or Roman numerals are usually common with formal watches and therefore goes well with formal outfits. Dials that are Arabic are commonly found in casual watches. One very important thing to take note of when searching for a wrist watch to match your outfit is the various functions it comes with. Watches with stopwatch function, time zone and other mechanical functions will likely blend with a casual outfit. 


  • Study the Strap

Straps of wrist watches tend to tell a lot about a watch and also helps in making a good matching decision. Formal watches usually come with thin leather and glossy type of strap while casual watches usually come with bulky, thick, and even rubber strap. By learning and understanding the type of strap that comes with your watch, it helps you to be able to match it correctly. For example, TW Steel Men's Tech Black Rubber Watch will definitely go well with a casual outfit while Bulova Women's Black Leather Quartz Watch will blend perfectly with a formal outfit.


  • The Body & Size of Watch Speaks A lot

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when matching your wristwatch with your outfit. Formal watch bodies usually comprise of precious metal which can either be silver or gold. While casual watch bodies usually comprise of steel, plastic, and titanium. When it comes to size, formal watches are usually smaller and classier while casual, and sports watches are usually heavier and larger in appearance.


Understanding the secret behind matching wristwatches and outfits is a sure way of dressing right. Wearing the wrong type of watch with an outfit may not only be a fashion taboo or disaster, but it can say negative things about your sense of style.